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Michele D' Amelio

is a multi-award winning pizza maker from Naples. Italy. Born in Avellino, Italy in 1988, it was in Lioni, a small town outside of Naples, where D’Amelio was raised, and his fascination with pizza-making blossomed. At a young age, each week D'Amelio played with dough his mother used to bake bread in the family’s woodburning oven. He quickly learned to make pizza for the family, and years later at age 19, began working at a local pizzeria. In 2010 his passion for pizza pinnacled in the opening of a family run pizzeria, Chest’é Pizza, in Lioni. After honing his craft, D'Amelio's competitive spirit kicked in and he entered several prestigious pizza competitions. In 2010 he took the second place title in the Regina Margherita Association’s Margherita STG competition in Naples, Italy. Next, in 2013 he traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with the Caputo/Orlando Foods’ team of master pizzaioli and was crowned first place champion in the Italian Style category at the International Pizza Expo. In 2014, D’Amelio was awarded second place in the coveted Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy. A member of the elite Italian pizza-governing organization APN (Association of Neapolitan Pizza Makers), D’Amelio has been granted authority to offer APN certification to aspiring Neapolitan pizza makers who train under his guidance. Michele is also a member of the Caputo Dream Team.

Learn the Neapolitan, Sicilian, NY, Roman, Metro, & More. TWO DAY CLASS INCLUDES: • Discussion on each of the ingredients for making pizza dough, flour, yeast, water, and salt. • Proper fermenting techniques, timing & storage for yeast • What types of flour you should use? When to use high or low protein flours. • Caring for your starter/mother dough. • Proper dough mixing, ball forming and storage techniques. • Proper dough ball making and stretching techniques. • Proper proofing and retarding techniques • How to adjust to humidity & temperature changes throughout the year. • What types/brands of tomatoes/cheese work best • Putting on the right combinations of toppings and the proper amount of toppings. • Proper equipment selection: Ovens, Mixers, Tables, Etc. • How to properly heat and clean your oven. • Baking of the pizza correctly (temperature, timing and proper placement in the oven. • Plus Much More. • Beer and/or Wine Tastings at the end of each day. PRICE: $599.00 TIME: 9am to 4pm both days.



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