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A Message From your Southeast Region Vice President

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Step Up This Spring!

Spring has sprung! Really! Our April showers will bring us May’s flowers, more berries, sweeter peaches and aid in the riddance of the pesky green dust, aka pollen. THANK YOU CHEFCONNECT CHARLOTTE! The ACF staff, the hosting chapter in Charlotte, all the presenters, vendors and the attendees came together for the BEST ever ChefConnect to date! Congratulations to our SE regional competition winners who will go on to represent us at our National Convention in New Orleans this July. Thank you to all who answered the call to step up and represent yourself and our SE region. Prayerfully, more are inspired to go for it and cook for the “Best in the SE” in 2019 when we head up north to ChefConnect Atlantic City. I am looking for someone to host the SE regional competitions later this Fall. If you have the facility to do so, please advise asap. I have asked for your input regarding where to host our Chef/Pastry Chef/Student/Team of the year and the rest, and so far the answer has been to hold them in the SE and not at the Chef Connect Atlantic City. I spent a few days in Atlanta helping with proctoring ACF certifications and chatting with some members from the region. Trying to learn what is working and what isn’t in their chapters. Going to quarterly meetings and having more meetings for the members. Having meet-ups and pop-ups at the last minute to add excitement, network, learn and support local businesses. Some are purposefully going after the student population to get them engaged in their new profession. Do any of these happen in your chapter? Have you shared the good news about our new member benefits and specials? Health insurance, free chef jackets with registration, and increased opportunities for certification are all available. Do you enthusiastically talk about your experiences at our regional and national events? Do you have the means to take a student or two to the event to share in the knowledge and experience? What’s working for you? Share your inspiration with the region. Thank you for your invites to visit and photos from your events. I love seeing how you do ACF! I am also looking for someone in our region who would like to share their favorite and easy-to-replicate recipe. (Women chefs—I would love to hear more from you!) Are you registered for ACF NOLA? The clock is ticking for the early registration price. Your team is working hard to make this convention the change you want to see! I know I am looking forward to it as well as seeing your face in the place! Let’s go be great together and possibly inspire someone along the way.

Kimberly Brock Brown, CEPC, CCA, AAC Southeast Region Vice President

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