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World Association of Chefs Societies

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

The World Association of Chefs Societies, or Worldchefs, is a global network of chefs associations founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. At that first congress there were 65 delegates from 17 countries, representing 36 national and international associations. August Escoffier was named the first honorary president of Worldchefs.

Today, this global body has 93 official chefs associations as members that represent over 10 million professional chefs worldwide. The biennial congress is a hallmark tradition of Worldchefs and has been organized in more than 20 cities across the world throughout its 82-year history.

Worldchefs is a non-political professional organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines through education, training and professional development of its international membership. As an authority and opinion leader on food, Worldchefs represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession..

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